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No Witnesses

Everything about my everyday life seemed so familiar it was the same routine over and over again. Get
up, get ready, go to work, then go home. Yet the day I decided to finally break routine would be one I
would regret. The morning it all happened I first woke up exactly at 5:30 am, got out of bed and took a
shower. Second I brushed my teeth then changed and went downstairs to get my lunch my wife made for
me and my phone before I left the house. Third, I went to the cafe to pick up my coffee at exactly 8:00 am
before I headed to work. As I got through the day it had seemed like everything was normal and almost
just a little better than usual. The normal conversations with my colleagues, banter between customers
and our boss.
Soon it hit 7:00 pm and I left work. On my way back home at 7:15 I realized I had forgotten my phone
at the office. I was now behind schedule. By the time I got back to the office it was 7:30 and most people
were already leaving so I quickly got my phone then left. I had to be back home at exactly 8:00 pm every
night but at this rate I would get home way later then that. Surprisingly rush hour that night wasn’t that
bad so I tried my best to get home as fast as possible. It was 8:43 pm and I decided to take a shortcut
home. The road was dark and seemingly stretched farther than my eyes could see which added to the sick
feeling I had in my stomach. At 8:45 pm my phone rang with a notification that it was my wife texting to
see if I was alright. I glanced at the phone then at the road in front of me before I picked up my phone
and began texting her back. 8:46 pm I looked up from my phone and my eyes widened when I saw a
woman and her dog in the middle of the road and before I could swerve or stop the car I ran her over.
I immediately stopped the car and sat there in shock for a long minute which felt like an eternity before
I got out and went to see if she was okay. There was a long trail of blood that led nearly 20 feet away from
where I had hit her and when I went over to her I could tell by just looking at her, her injuries were fatal.
I checked her pulse, it was 8:55 pm. The woman had no pulse, she was dead. I began to panic thinking
about my wife, my job, my reputation. I couldn’t get caught up in this… it was a dark road with no one
on it and no visible cameras…. The only witness was dead and the other was a dog which was long gone. I
immediately got up and was about to head back to my car but stopped when I heard a rustling sound. I
looked near the street light next to my car and my eyes widened when I saw a small girl. Thoughts
immediately began rushing in my mind “How long had she been standing there?” I thought in shock and
fear. The little girl had tears running down her face and it seemed like she was trying to get a word out
but only a small sob came from her. She looked no older than 8 but even with all these factors combined I
could only think of one thing. That she saw what I did and I couldn’t let her get away.
About a month after it all happened I was at home at exactly 8:30 eating dinner with my wife. “Did
you hear about what happened with that hit and run the other day?” My wife asked. “What hit and
run?” I asked. “The one that happened around that time you came late from work” She said. My eyes
widened a bit. I had killed a woman and a girl and forgot about it. “It says the woman had a service dog
and her blind daughter with her at the time and she was also found dead-” I cut her off. “I’m sorry, what
did you say about the daughter?” I asked, eyes wide. “She’s dead?,” My wife said. “No…. the daughters,

what?” I asked. “She was blind” my wife said. My eyes widened in shock. “This is horrible and they still
haven’t found who did it because there’s no witnesses….” She said,
At that moment I had realized two things: that I killed a mother because of my carelessness and
stupidity but I had murdered the child of that mother out of my own selfishness and I had done it for no
reason at all.

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